In the past few decades, Dubai has exponentially grown from being a small city in the desert to a sprawling metropolis with the world’s tallest building and a multitude of other astounding marvels. The fact that it is a tax free country makes it an ideal haven for investors looking to start their own business and the high potential for good wealth adds to the benefit. This has lead to a steady influx of foreign expats in to the country looking for greener pastures. Surveys have even come to the conclusion that up to ninety one percent of the residents currently residing in Dubai are expats. But as with any location, there are certain things you should know before departing to the country.
You should know that the days the weekends fall on are much different than the usual system people are accustomed to. For almost everyone around the globe, it has been Saturdays and Sundays as the weekend but in Dubai it is Fridays and Saturdays that are counted as the weekend. If you are offering services in the medical industry, then it is essential that you obtain the adequate licensing and permissions like the DHA Dubai license and health authority licensing. Having these will ensure you get hired faster.
Moving on to the topic of weather, be informed that temperatures in summer can hit blistering levels of up to fifty five degree Celsius during the day and dropping to around thirty five degree Celsius during the night hours. Almost every housing scheme or apartment has air conditioning so you can stay cool indoors. During the other times of the year, you enjoy the outdoors with the temperature hovering around an ideal twenty degree Celsius.
Even though there is a horde of businesses for expats living in Dubai, there are no income taxes and such that increase with the amount you are earning. Basically this means that the amount you earn is the amount you receive which is a privilege you do not get from a lot of other countries. On the topic of wealth, the cost of rent is extremely high in Dubai and it only keeps increasing year by year. Some landlords will also ask you to pay one year’s worth of rent up front, though some employers are willing to cover the upfront cost and allow you to pay it back on a monthly basis. Do not be worried about the language barrier as English is widely spoken, even more than Arabic so you do not have to undergo the hassle of learning a new language.