Every couple is unique in their own way and so are their choices in how they want their big occasion to be, which makes weddings special. If you are one of those people who love attending weddings and is always awestruck during the ceremony or blown away by the décor, then you could witness this everyday by choosing a career in this area. Here are a few options to help you contribute towards making someone’s big day even more special.

Wedding planner

This is the career which allows you to be directly linked to the wedding and the planning process. Your job would be to plan every detail very carefully and pay attention to each aspect of the wedding, from the bride’s dress to the choice of cake selected. You get to witness a number of scenes including the bride’s tantrums to her eyes filled with tears of joy as she says ‘I do’. If you are willing to take on this stressful yet fulfilling job, then start by planning wedding packages including destination wedding packages to simple church weddings, in order to cater to the needs of each client respectively.

Wedding caterer

If you are a whiz in the kitchen and if you are one of those people who attend weddings just for the food, then consider becoming a caterer specified in this area yourself. However, you must ensure that you possess the required skills to prepare food for a large audience, as this is a huge responsibility. Moreover, you must ensure that the presentation skills and the taste of the food is top notch, as nobody would want to serve terrible food at weddings.

Wedding photography

Nowadays, the demand for excellent photographers is on the rise especially when it comes to special occasions. Couples are willing to pay huge prices to make bookings at reputed photography companies in order to ensure that their big day is captured beautifully. Regardless of their type of wedding, be it a simple civil wedding ceremony or a majestic reception hosted at a luxurious hotel, the presence of a photographer is almost compulsory. Therefore, this would be an ideal career option for those who love weddings and photography, equally.

Wedding decorator

Although this job does not entitle you to be present throughout the wedding, it does make you an important part of someone’s big day. The décor is one of the most essential aspects of a wedding, as this is what people usually notice as they arrive at the venue. Therefore, if you are interested in floral arrangements and any other décor, then this would be a career which you must consider.

If attending weddings is your idea of fun, then make each day enjoyable by pursuing a career in this field which would allow you to play a significant role in making someone’s big day special.